Burn Factory

The Personal Training Trailblazer


  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Strategy


The Burn Factory, by Liz Harvey, is a personal trainer renowned for her unique approach to physical and mental fitness. 

The Challenge

When COVID-19 hit and gyms closed, Liz Harvey—an amazing, D.C.-based personal trainer and health coach—knew she needed to act fast. Like many entrepreneurs, Liz wanted to brand her business, rather than herself, showcasing her unique training system, all while transitioning her business online. Liz proved that COVID and quarantine weren’t going to stop her from helping people lose weight, get fit, and feel strong mentally and physically, a tenacity we knew we wanted to mimic within her new brand identity.

Burn Factory Logo rebranding


In order to take Liz from a local personal trainer to a business with national appeal, we worked with Liz to harness her vision and personality into a logo and identity that spoke for itself. We helped Liz define her new value propositions, wrote and designed a completely new brand identity, and created a bullet-proof social media strategy.

The rebranding focused on positioning Liz’s approach as a system/framework, which immediately expanded her reach and potential. 


Armed with a new brand identity, social content strategy, and posting guide, Liz launched the online component to her personal training. She opened the doors for virtual coaching sessions as well as group coaching packages, which were quick to sell out. 

Since working with Incubix, Liz has been able to DOUBLE her prices, create ongoing group workout classes, and launch an exclusive personal training and nutrition platform.