Dawson Cooking Company

Making dinner deliciously simple


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand identity
  • e-Commerce web design
  • Website copywriting
  • Consulting


Dawson Cooking Company is a Cincinnati-based food delivery company, caterer, and meal prep service. The company believes in making dinner deliciously simple, providing a variety of home-cooked, made from scratch meals that make dinner one less thing to worry about.

The Challenge

Driven by a passion for cooking and a drive to reach a wider variety of customers, Chef Tiffiny Dawson wanted to expand her cooking operation. Previously, she had catered events and had a weekly roster of customers. However, she still did much of the administrative and ordering work manually. As she began to grow and experience more demand, she realized she was in need of a professional, modern brand to match her new direction. 

Incubix partnered with Tiffiny Dawson to create her business name, brand positioning, messaging, and visual direction from scratch. The challenge was to create a comprehensive brand strategy and identity to discover and align with the mission while providing a convenient way for new customers to order.


During our research and brand strategy workshop, we discovered a variety of insights that could position Dawson Cooking Company as a leader in the Cincinnati area, craft unique and fun messaging, and create a brand toolkit that could be used in many online capacities. 

Our brand identity work spoke to a modern, fun, and refined experience that would be accessible to younger and older demographics. We chose a bright and bold color palette mixed with traditional cooking iconography to fuse the traditional experience of home-cooking with modern technology.


After many contenders, we stuck to the slogan, “Making Dinner Deliciously Simple,” and decided to adhere to the concept throughout the brand messaging and identity. 

Together, we zoomed in on a voice that is Modern, Warm, and Refined to uphold the vision to enable easier schedules and happier lives through food. 

In the end, Dawson Cooking Company successfully launched a fully-functioning, custom e-commerce website, complete with a vivid brand and menu templates to match.