Your Personalized Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Where “financial freedom” is a when and not an if

What’s Your Money Personality?

Take the first step in learning how to make your money work for you. Discover your unique money personality and how it impacts your habits and goals.

Plan for the Future without Giving Up the Present

We put YOU in the driver’s seat of your own life with a personalized action plan that uses AI to help you auto-budget responsibly, save for what matters, and gamify personal finance by “leveling up” with our income and expense challenges.

Simple Like it Should Be

Take the Quiz

Find your unique money personality and how it impacts your spending and savings goals.

Set Goals

Customize your short, immediate, and longterm goals so we can give you a step-by-step guide on how to get there.

Auto Budget with AI

Our machine learning learns your financial habits to help you find new ways to save and hit your goals.

Level Up with Challenges

Discover your financial level and "level up" with fun and easy income challenges.

Hit Milestones

We walk you through how to hit important milestones such as debt relief, build an emergency fund and improve your savings rate

Improve Financial Knowledge

We've prepared a vast array of resources, tips, and tricks to make you an expert in personal finance.

Why iThrivd?

From debt to retirement, our advanced AI helps you create and manage financial freedom.

Increase Your Income

Meet your personal financial assistant – bringing you fun and creative weekly challenges designed to help you level up financially.

Personalize Your Alerts

Be alerted when you’re on track with your goals as well as when you’ve fallen off the wagon.

Automate with Machine Learning

Our advanced AI learns your financial habits to auto-budget, find new ways to save, and monitor your spending

Level Up to Financial Freedom

Don’t just survive, thrive. We gamify personal finance through fun challenges to beat to help you level up, increase your income and manage your expenses

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Peace of Mind

Our AI-powered financial tool syncs your spending habits with your goals. We proudly partner with Plaid to help us extract 24 months of spending and income using their secure platform.